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strida SX chainless foldig bicycle 18"

strida SX chainless foldig bicycle 18"
  • strida SX chainless foldig bicycle 18"
  • strida SX chainless foldig bicycle 18"
  • strida SX chainless foldig bicycle 18"

Product price
844 488 Ft + ÁFA (1 072 500 Ft)
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8.5 kg/db
Short description
STRiDA: You ride her, you fold her, you push her, you store her!
STRiDA is a blend of ingenious design and cutting edge engineering. On STRiDA you ride fast and fashionable but within 10 seconds you fold her into a small package that you easily store or take with you. You will never need to carry STRiDA. No! After folding you simply push STRiDA like a stroller! Ready to ride again? Use the quick release system and - pop - you have your bike back. Off you go! STRiDA gives you freedom! STRiDA is perfect for commuters but is also a great bike to have on your boat, caravan, or in the trunk of your car. Where ever you take her, be aware: cause this bike has the look. On it, you will have it too!

- No dirty greasy chain but an innovative grease free drive system. Clean!
- STRiDA is extremely lightweight and yet carries a lot of weight, up to 110 kilo.
- The disc brakes deliver a strong predictable braking force, even in wet conditions.
- You adjust the seat to the height that fits your leg size and personal preferences.
- When ordered online, the STRiDA arrives 100% assembled at your doorstep. You can jump on your new bike as soon as you are united with her.
- Rims are made of stainless steel (fly!)
- The short wheelbase allows for outstanding maneuverability and quick acceleration.
- All wires are concealed in the frame. Yup, STRiDA goes wireless!
- The design of STRiDA allows you an ergonomic position when cycling. You will sit straight, which also contributes to a clear overview of the surroundings and traffic.
- STRiDA is greaseless, corrosion resistant, and virtually maintenance free.
- STRiDA stows almost anywhere, while folding quickly and easily without having to remove parts or use complicated tools.
Product properties

Your body length: 163cm -193cm
Your weight: up to 110 kg!
Original wheels: 18"
Fenders: included in the box
Weight of the bike: 9,5 kg
Measurements (folded): 116cm x 51cm x 23cm
Seat: gel
Pedals: alloy black
Speed: 24 km/h
Standard equipped with LED lights, a bell and a pack rack.
Available color: Matt Black
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